CRH Enterprises, Ltd

From CEO Amy Goudy:

     "Over the course of my career in manufacturing, inventory management and procurement, I have worked with most all MRP / ERP systems and in all cases the limitations of the system caused the team to have to assign numerous administrators to manage the data.

Netsuite is the best data management ERP system I have ever worked with. It's cloud based which reduces cost of aquisition, it's simplistic in it's structure which makes it user friendly for the average user but the configuration and customization options allow for companies to personalize the system to meet their specific business needs"

CRH Enterprises can assist businesses who are looking to convert to Netsuite from an exisiting system from an implementation and project management standpoint all the way through with existing Netsuite users who may need administrative assistence, customizations and report creation.


• Netsuite Implementation

• Nesuite Configuration Support

• Data Analytics

• Administrative Management

• Operational Improvement

• Project Management

• Search and Report Creation

• Process Development