CRH Enterprises, Ltd

CRH Enterprises, Ltd  helps business owners with the following service offerings:

Certification Assistance

         Package creation for corporate and public certification agencies to include but not limited to:

     Regional MSDC affiliates



       Includes review of incorporation documents, financial structure, organization, and operational procedures.


     Navigating Corporate Culture ℠

o     How to maximize your certification

     o       Supplier Diversity 101

o     Networking for Sales

Marketing and Outreach

     Assist in professional marketing presentation to include:

          o     Website creation

                         (hosting and domain registration as needed)

     o       Presentation themes, business cards, logos

     o       Targeted networking engagements


• Data Analytics

• Supplier Diversity Education

• Operational Improvement

• Corporate Cultural Navigation

• Branding / Marketing

• Domain Registration / Hosting

• Web site design / SEO